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The End of an Era – Goodbye Film Motion Picture Cameras.

October 26, 2011

Starting in film school in 1996 I was excited about the opportunity to shoot on a 16mm Bolex camera, to literally cut (with a razor) my first film and tape it together with special tape with sprockets. It was an invigorating feeling to see all of my efforts of my first film, from conception, shooting, directing, producing, and editing on the screen. I loved how organic it was, and never then would think for a moment that the day would come when Aaton, ARRI and Panavision, would cease production on new film cameras.
The end of many eras are consistently happening. A German ad agency created this You Tube Museum to highlight things that we no longer use anymore because of digital technologies. The film industry is moving at the speed of light, quickly hopping on the next digital anything cool because its what everyone is doing. I like many others will mourn the old film camera. However, it is bittersweet because when the industry moves digital, you have to move with it or you will be left behind. Digital is financially more responsible, and especially for students its nice to have the padding of making mistakes, rather then knowing that every foot is costing you money.

Please check out this article on that discusses this in further detail.

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