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Freelancing Tool Kit: Contracts and Business Formation

March 20, 2013

Lawyer and music industry pro Justin Wexler joined us on Monday for our second Freelancing workshop of the semester. If you missed it, here are a few highlights.

Justin broke contracts down into their essential elements – an offer, and acceptance of the offer. Of course, many contracts include much more information about terms. For example, most include information on duration, usage, and geography in which a contract applies. Terms can sometimes be negotiated, but only if you understand common language. A lawyer becomes important anytime you have questions about a particular term means. In Chicago, Lawyers for the Creative Arts is a great resource for students who need access to legal services.

Justin recommended these articles by Steve Albini and Courtney Love for any musicians considering a recording contract.

Let’s throw in some bonus content on business formation! Many people think that when you launch a business, registering as an LLC is a must. In fact there are many other good (and less expensive) options to make your business official.

Join us on April 8th for Legal Basics Part 2: Copyrights!

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